Graffiti Gremlins was established in 2009 to provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to the problem of graffiti etched onto glass. We are a Christchurch-based business and 100% of our profits stay in Christchurch.

Graffiti Gremlins is only a small business but we’re big on the environment.
Toughened and laminated glass is not the kindest to the environment (both in the process of production and their inability to be recycled), so we are keen to avoid replacing it where possible. Our glass scratch removal system means we can save you replacing your windows. Landfill space in Christchurch is at a premium right now!

We’re not just about graffiti – we care about the community too. Our staff volunteer with various organisations in Christchurch such as Christchurch Budget Services, Off the Wall (the City Council volunteer graffiti removal service), Christchurch Spring Clean and are involved in setting up free small business groups also.

Why choose Graffiti Gremlins?
• Our service saves you money compared to replacement – we guarantee it
• Repairing your scratched windows means less landfill waste
• We are the only graffiti removal business in Christchurch capable of removing graffiti from glass
• Our profits stay in Christchurch